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I'm conflicted regarding Old Head. On one hand, this is the closest one will probably ever get to playing a golf course that actually resembles The World's Most Difficult Holes calendar (you know, that fun parody calendar that comes out every year?) -- almost half of the holes are absolutely spellbinding and breathtaking, unlike what you might see and play anywhere else in the world. On the other hand, half of the holes that are not on the ocean are somewhat pedestrian, if not out of character from what one might expect for a links-like experience in Ireland -- but that's simply due to the average, if not benign aspects of the inland parts of the peninsula (at some point, without moving tons of earth, one can only play the hand that one is dealt). I played Old Head about ten years ago, then returned in August of this year, to caddy for my wife. Did I miss not playing it again? Not really. I was more than satisfied to simply to walk the course and taste the "eye candy" for free (as the round is very expensive, if not prohibitively so). In summary, Old Head supports the old adage "it's wonderful place to visit" (for that memorable and unique "once-in-a-lifetime" experience) -- "but I wouldn't want to live there" (and play the course everyday, the layout too contrasting, the round overpriced, "one-and-done" is just fine). Don D

Date: November 27, 2017

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