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Paa-ko Ridge has it all…….all the things I don’t like about much of golf course design in the latter half of the 20th century. Walking is possible, but not recommended. I saw nobody walking the day I was there.) I’m guessing there is around 2 miles of cart path between greens and tees. And in a number of cases the cart path is the only way from the tee to the fairway. This isolation ruins memorability. But that’s not the only memorability problem. Hole after hole starts from an elevated tee and ends at an elevated green. And the elevated greens are all bunkered so that an aerial approach is the only possibility. It seemed to me that a lazy architect had a certain template in mind (elevated green and tee) and if he found a pair far apart from the previous or next hole, so be it. This is quite the antithesis of the minimalist approach which works much harder to find different types of holes that can be connected in a more interesting and memorable way.

And how about a pair of 200+ yard par 3s…………from the forward tees. (237 and 224 from the middle tees) What fun is that? Even with a little help from the altitude.

This is not a poor course. I will acknowledge that the green contours were fun and challenging. But that’s about the only thing that impressed me.

Date: September 28, 2017

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