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The back nine at Pacific Grove will give you everything you want out of a golf trip to Monterey for a fraction of the price compared to the neighboring courses. Lighthouses and the Pacific frame even the weaker holes on the back nine, like 10 and 17, which will more than make up for the rather straight ahead routing.

The superstars of this course run 12-16 and I was entranced by the fantastic routing through the dunes which offers up killer views of the sea. There are great risk/reward strategies depending on how much you want to challenge the dunes and the greens are small, firm and fast which encourages a real bump and run style.

The course plays short but fun and I imagine if the wind is up, can provide a real test to any golfer. If you are having so much fun with the views, who cares about length?

This course doesn't strike me so much as a "poor man's Pebble" as it does a "poor man's MPCC" but no matter how you label it, the back nine is worth the price of admission and then some.

Review of the Month February 2018

Date: February 13, 2018

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