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During this year's US Open at Pebble Beach I had the good fortune in returning to Pacific Grove. The comments that have already been provided are spot on. The most interesting aspect is the juxtaposition between what one pays at Pacific Grove and what one must mortgage to play Pebble.

Just getting the valet to handle one's car at Pebble can equate to the costs of a round at Pacific Grove!

The main gripe I have with both Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach is the usage of the word "links" in their respective names. Nothing further from the truth exists. The turf at both courses gives a bit of roll, however, it's nowhere near what a legitimate links provides. The outward side at Pacific Grove is also wedged in - literally - with the local neighborhood and is quickly forgotten once you get to the inward side.

You can't beat the ocean views on the back side -- most notably holes 12-16 -- and the crowd that inhabits Pacific Grove demonstrates a serious but also fun side.

If you keep one's expectations in check you're sure to enjoy the time there. My suspicion is that if greens fees were much higher the overall fanfare Pacific Groves receives would be far different. Thankfully, there's still a golf option that the masses can enjoy in one of the most scenic locations in America.

M. James Ward

Date: July 17, 2019

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