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If you are playing golf in the Cotswolds you will already have planned to play at Broadway, Lilley Brook, Cotswold Hills and both the courses at Minchinhampton New, but please, please, please do not miss out on Painswick, it has to be played twice, once, to know where you are going second time around, then you will enjoy all that is Great about Golf. You, club, ball, hole, now enjoy 7 great par 3's, 2 excellant par 5's and some of the craziest par 4's you will ever play, take the first hole, 224 yards par 4, you will be kicking yourself when you walk off here with a bogey, 3rd hole 280 par 4, driveable with a solid 3 iron , all downhill, mind the quarry, oh!, and don't go long left, if you do, and you can see your ball have the decency to complete the hole with the ball you teed off with, there's a good golfer. 4th, great looking hole , not out of place at Formby. Now then, the 5th, only 105 yards, makes the 17th at Sawgrass look like a cuddly little kitten (watch out for little boys running down to the green and putting all the balls in the hole, (sorry members in the mid 70's). 6th hole, 206 yards par 3, you could just pick this hole up and put it on any Open Championship course. 10th hole, the toughest 140 yards in all of golf when it's into the wind, bar none. 11th 257 yards, is the sort of hole which would give top Pro's nightmares if they wanted a birdie. 12th 250 par 3, don't go long. 14th, don't top it. 15th 160 par 3, you could put this hole at Sunningdale and nobody would know the difference. Another downhill 280 yarder, but you will work hard for your par. 18th, great par 3 to finish, with all your mates taking the mick from the balcony. Don't miss it, you will talk about it for the rest of your golfing days. If anybody writes a bad review about this Club, it is because they like to play 7,400 yard courses with a buggy in 5 1/2 hours and pay £150 for the experience. Or, you could pay around £20 and play 36 holes in the same time, with a small sandwich break in between, and have what is must play golfing time of your life, views to die for and many, many memorable golf shots, Good Luck.  

Date: May 11, 2010

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