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We played this one yesterday and it is unfair but the review will also carry a lot of details about lack of service, not helpful crew, missing clubs and things that would make me not willing to come back.

I am first going to give a review of the course and the fair result is that I loved it! Some links golf from holes 17-26 and some change levels with sea views which made it extremely enjoyable and fun to play!

We started in Lagos with 2 nice downhill par 4s before an Palmares (Praia & Lagos) Golf Course - Photo by reviewer amazing short par 3 with a lake in front. Par 5 13th is a huge dogleg right where if you go for it then it is over trees and danger. 15th is an amazing downhill par 5 where the green is one of the toughest we played so far, with a ridge dividing it in 2. Par 5 17th is a nice links hole where wind started to blow. Uphill 18th to a well protected green looks like a nice finale when playing Alvor. Then 19th is a downhill dogleg where if you go over the trees you can get very close to the green. Par 5s 20th and 22nd are very nice links holes to very well protected greens, while short 21st can give you a lot of work if not close to the pin. Par 3 23rd has a 100yds long tee in zig zag where you can really choose the hole to play! Then 2 short par 4s where you can hit the green before very short 26th and the great par 5 27th uphill to a very well protected green. The combination we played had 6 par 3s-4s-5s and it was very fun in a sunny day and with amazing views of the Ocean.

Now the bad part, which you really need to know if you are thinking in coming:

- Crew was extremely unhelpful, in all other courses there is always somebody willing to help.

- Driving Range was not correctly operated and many of Palmares (Praia & Lagos) Golf Course - Photo by reviewer the group were not able to use it, with again little help from Crew.

- Yardage books are extremely necessary if you don't use Arccos Golf or something with drawings of the holes. Nobody offered them and they were not well shown in the very little and simple proshop.

- In many of the tees you have "ball sellers", bags with 10 balls alone standing there and nobody seems to take care of them, but the real thing is the place is a protected area and anybody can walk in and there you have these guys, nobody warned us about them and we were stolen a Club where nobody from the Course assumed the responsability of we not being warned about these guys.

- Bar crew also very poor and with lack of interest for us.

It is a shame that such a good course is so badly operated. It is worth the play, but take extreme care of your stuff and buy the yardage book ... If they happen to offer it!

Date: May 17, 2018

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