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I haven’t played Peachtree since 2008 but I can recall my round as clearly as if it was yesterday. It was springtime and the azaleas were in bloom and everything seemed right with the world. Unfortunately my game was far from right on the day and I played like the proverbial hacker but I loved every moment of it. It’s pretty strenuous going, Peachtree is hilly and there’s hardly any fairway bunkers on the course, I only spotted them on the 9th and 18th. Considering the club is so close to downtown is a little oasis and I’d love to return one day with my game working. If you get an invite take it because it’s a delightful course and watch out for the greens… they are huge and that was one of the reasons why my score was so bad. I two putted only one green out of 18 and no, I didn’t have an ace neither did I chip in!

Date: February 15, 2011

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