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What more can be said about Pebble than has already been said? We all know the course so well, the 6 hour rounds etc. so I will try and give my take on my experience.

The course just blew me away. I think there’s some fair comment about some of the holes being slightly underwhelming, I’m thinking of the start in particular, but I think from 4 onwards I can’t really think of a bad hole for me.

I thought 4 was sneaky good. Short, uphill to a tiny green. Pacific on the right, bunkers placed everywhere. It’s really hard to know what club to hit off the tee to avoid the trouble which I was unsuccessful in by finding a fairway bunker! And don’t make the mistake of missing this green long. It reminded me of 12 at the Old Course.

One of the biggest surprises for me was just how much the undulation changes. I’ve always been aware that 6 plays downhill and 11 plays uphill. I was not prepared for how severely 9 slopes down and how much holes like 4 and 13 play uphill. I’d spent the 6 months before my visit playing the course on a simulator so felt I knew it fairly well but the slopes took me by surprise. Even the right hand side of the first green is a huge drop off!

As everyone knows the greens are absolutely tiny. You don’t really get an appreciation for how small until you step foot on them. And a quick word for the course condition as well. The greens were phenomenal when I played. Very true and lightning quick. Considering how much play they must get I was very impressed.

My only gripe with the whole experience would be the lack of some sort of goodie bag/memento bag before you start. Most high end places I’ve played like this give you a little bag with stroke saver, yardage book, bag tag etc however nothing here, which given the green fee was disappointing.

Overall though, one of the most incredible golfing experiences I’ve ever had, probably only matched by Ardfin. I actually feel like there are a number of similarities between the two courses. Both located in stunning settings, both small greens. Both have some exhilarating shots. If Ardfin could sort out some of its playability issues it would be every bit as good as this place.

Pebble Beach can best be summed up by me in 3 simple words: heaven on earth

Date: March 15, 2022

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