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Resort golf that is very high class. Things run real smoothly here.

The course starts and finishes with its best holes (1-4 and 15-18), and they are indeed stunning mountainous holes. I often found myself staring at the mountains during the first holes, and wondering how I got in this tropical part of Africa, almost expecting to see Gorillas walk out onto the course, that’s how fantastic the mountains look…remember the movie Gorillas In The Midst?. The other holes are not quite as good, but the view of the Estoril race track is quite neat.

As most hilly courses, you will need to aim at the flat parts of the fairway, off the tee, to have an easier approach shot to the green. So strategy is of the essence.

Greens seem quite difficult, but they were so over-watered that they were almost unplayably slow (August). Keep in mind, that August is the low season for this part of the greater Lisbon area.

Golfer info : a tiring course, as it is quite hilly, so you may think of driving a cart

Golfer info 2 : the practice (range and greens) area is one of the best I have seen in a long time, and definitely the best in the area

A very different course from the others in the area, so I would recommend playing it

One final note : ask to take a tour of the this old convent

Date: October 11, 2016

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