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PGA Catalunya is a huge hotel, estate and golf complex with 2 golf courses with the Stadium course as the high profiled course. And in good right. The course is a good test for all level of players. Most amateurs have to be on the very top of their game just to play it close to their handicap. It is a difficult, but not impossible course. It is a forest course with ponds (water hazards) close too and around many of the greens.

On this course it is not your drive that is the challenge – as long as you find the fairway, short or long – the challenge is to place your second or third shot for an optimal approach to the green. If not, you are in trouble. Every little mistakes will be punished. It’s interesting to notice that there are very few holes where the greens is not protected by doglegs, bunkers or water, and where you don’t have to approach the green from a downhill or uphill lie.

All greens are undulated and most of the year with a Stimpmeter around 10 or more. Wish you good luck.

There are 2 holes, 4 and 6, that I think are unfair to golfers who cannot hit an uphill shot more than 230m (and that is most of us). If you cannot, you will have a blind, very difficult and long shot. You will most probably not be able to reach the green. Whether you land your ball 25, 50 or 100m short of the green you will most likely be searching for your ball and most likely also have an very difficult lie. These 2 holes are not good golf holes in my opinion.

I have played the course many times during the last 10-15 years and are usually warning my guest. This is a course more difficult than you think when you stand on most of the tees. Relax, don’t be too ambitious and remember to enjoy the walk. You might be on the green for your expected score, but spoiling your good spirit by a 3 put, or even a 4 put.

For really enthusiastic golfers I recommend to spend time on the practice areas. Here you will have opportunities to practice all the clubs in your bag, hitting bunker shots from bunkers with different sorts of sand, chip and pitch different kind of length to different greens, hitting drivers from mats as well as turf to different hitting areas, and you can rent a pre-installed trackman on the range to help you adjusting your swing etc. etc.

To me the only complaint is the noise from motorways, airport and building activities.

Date: April 16, 2020

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