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Stadium is legendary for its difficulty, and I think it held up to that reputation. Every hole felt like it presented a new, different challenge than the last. Some greens were tiny and mounded, while others were huge and gently undulating – and all of them require you to miss in the right places if you don’t want to make a bogey or worse. I didn’t play the tips, which was good, because the next set of tees up was plenty difficult due to the green complexes. There isn’t much natural elevation change to the course except a slight incline on the back nine.

Notable holes include: #2, a heavily mounded par four with an absolutely miniscule green, #6, a long forced-carry par three with a massive green complex, #9, a long par four that uses a lake and mounds to visualy intimidate the player off the tee, #11, a reachable par five with a sneaky swale in front of the green that prevents all but the best approaches from reaching the surface, and then the final three holes: #16, the famous downhill par five with one of the deepest bunkers you’ll see anywhere outside of a Langford & Moreau dream sequence (side note – if you play the course, throw a ball in the bunker on #16 even if you don’t hit it down there just to try to get out. It’s fun!), #17, the iconic rock-lined island green par three, and #18, the classic Dye finish par four around a lake.

Stadium is worth a pilgrimage for any Dye fan, as it represents the pinnacle of his early ‘80s craziness, and the pure variety of holes is arguably better than any similarly flat site on the planet. Is it worth $400 to play? Probably not, but if you know a member of the PGA West private courses, perhaps they can get you a deal!

Played March 16, 2014

Date: November 07, 2019

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