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There’s no cricket at Philly Cricket’s Wissahickon course (It’s at their St. Martin’s course a few miles away.) but there is thrilling golf. The club is fortunate that Keith Foster’s work preceded his jail term. The green complexes are lovely, with only three (12, 13, and 16) devoid of the contours that make for fun putting. And unlike a number of other Tillinghast courses, there are many holes (over half) wher the golfer may play an aerial or ground approach. Similar strategic options also abound elsewhere. Half the holes and both second shots on the par 5s offer risk/reward opportunities. Conditioning was excellent in October 2019. The walking requirement also enhances the experience…..and both caddies in my group were excellent: not afraid to touch a divot and willing to run when necessary to keep up.

Date: October 22, 2019

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