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The one thing I will say about Pinehurst #2 right off the bat is that it is the most enjoyable golf course to walk I've ever trotted. It looks hilly and harsh to walk on television, but it is such a joy to walk underneath the tall pine trees on the dried out bermuda and sand. Most tee boxes are mere steps off each green; something I give out massive points for and just isn't done often enough.

Now then, playing the golf course. Straight up... it is by far the hardest golf course I've ever played. There were several different occasions where off the tee, and with my approach shots into some greens, I thought I was in perfect shape or going to be in great position to have par on the hole at worst. Instead, the ball had either trickled into sand, or into one of the course's famous collection areas as a result of the punchbowl greens. Not all that dissimilar from links golf, I suppose. You simply have to be very exact all across the course, and have a little luck go your way. After the restoration, it's pretty well known how the waste areas have sand and those clumps of wired grass. If you avoid that grass, it's usually a very doable shot. Find the wired grass, and you're going to make bogey at best.

Compared to other major layouts I've played, luck hasn't had that big a role, but that doesn't take away from the fact #2 is magnificent. I love this quote from Nicklaus: "Pinehurst is the only course I've ever played that's tree-lined, but doesn't have a single tree come into play." Nail on the head. The scenery throughout all 18 holes is top class and as pretty as any I've ever seen. Like I said at the beginning, walking around this joint is a pleasure. The golf course could be substituted with a park, and the walk would still be just as enjoyable. I really can't say enough adoring things about it. I hope to return one day, having some knowledge of the golf course and try to get some revenge after I exited the course spanked.

Date: October 02, 2017

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