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My No. 2 experience was probably different than many among the patrons of this site, but that unfortunately means I am rating it as such. I only played the course once, well prior to the Coore & Crenshaw reconstruction when fairways were enlarged and rough was eliminated in favor of sandy natural areas. At that time, it played like a parkland-style layout, rather than its more appropriate current state; on top of that, the rough areas weren’t fully grown in during the time of year I played, leading to some inconsistent lies. Often, balls way off line in the rough proved to be sitting better than those which barely missed the very narrow fairways. That made the course feel quite unfair, increasing the frustration throughout the round. Additionally, I was surprised at how little elevation change there was, for a course that was purported to be in the “sand hills” of North Carolina.

The only positive was that the greens were their typical selves, leading to some interesting shots thanks to the firmness of the turf. I recall putting from off the green about as much as I had anywhere to that point in my life. However, due to the lack of interest in the rest of the aspects of the course, it felt like it all bled together a bit. In fact, I only remember a handful of individual holes - #5, a par five which caused me extreme angst due to multiple good shots bouncing into thick pieces of bermuda rough less than a foot off the left side of the fairway, and #11-14, a series of solid par fours navigating the hillier portions of the site.

I look forward to someday returning to No. 2; doing so will likely change my view of it as the recent renovations look awesome. That said, to this point it’s probably the most disappointing and unmemorable course I’ve played compared to its reputation.

Played March 31, 1999

Date: November 12, 2019

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