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I played the course twice within 3 days. What an fun and enjoyable course. You need a buggy and I'm not a fan, but it didn't impact on the experience. If staying around George, don’t miss out on this this course. Stunning views, especially when playing towards the clubhouse. The first day there were gusts up to 55 mph, on the second the wind was nearly in the complete opposite direction and gusts up to 15 mph. What this help show was how well designed the course was for different conditions. On most holes there is plenty of room off the tee to find a fairway and if the wind gets your ball you are likely to be in a lateral hazard and can take a drop. After a brutal first day, all 12 of us enjoyed the challenge so much we wanted to play again even if the conditions were the same. Fortunately, on the second day the wind down and you can start choosing better lines off the tee.

A good set of par 3’s. The shortest I the 7th, downhill and only 111 metres off the white tees with wind across towards the cliffs one day and downwind the next. The 16th, par 5 stroke index 1 was a 9 iron third shot one day and all of us were struggling to reach it in 3 second day. These two holes are an indication how it was a totally different experience to play from one day to the next, as it was for all 18 holes.

The stimp reading was 9 for the greens both days, understandable first day, and they were smooth. Condition of the course was excellent.

Sit back and have a well earned drink in the clubhouse with stunning views after the round.

Date: February 24, 2020

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