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Pinnacle Point is probably one of the most difficult golf courses in the world. Course rating from the back tee is 76,3. But also, without doubt, among one of the world’s most scenic. Whether it is the first or second quality that is the reason for it being voted by World Golf Awards as being the best golf course in South Africa from 2016 to 2020, I don’t know.

The nature is fantastic and the course is simply impossible for the ordinary golfer to play just close to your handicap, and even the very best playing pros are having difficulties playing it to par. Some call it a risk-reward course. I don’t agree. It is a dead or alive course. Especially for 3 of the par 3 holes. Either you hit the green, are in the ravine or the ocean. There are no other options.

To the green fee you have to add a golf cart, because you are not allowed to walk. But it is a beautiful drive and an exciting experience. If you go to play it, be sure to bring many extra balls, because you are not allowed to go into the rough to pick it up. It is lost . . . I was lucky to play it twice in no wind. Wonder how many balls I would have lost in strong wind!


The Award, apparently is given to the course by ordinary golfers participating in a voting process facilitated by and on World Golf Awards home page. As I can see it there are no specific criteria to relate to, just click on one of the nominated golf courses.

In Denmark, for example, this year there are 6 courses to choose between. My question is: how and who are selecting the nominees and how many golfers are voting, and especially how many members from one of the nominated clubs? I could mention one or two more clubs in Denmark that I think deserve to be among the nominees.

It is really difficult for me to understand, the selection and voting process as well as the result, unless you, in the case of Pinnacle Point, votes Yes to: “this is the most scenic golf course in the whole of South Africa”.

Date: April 14, 2020

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