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My one abiding memory of Portmarnock was walking off the 14th tee, thinking to myself, “this is a hell of a golf course, up there with the best I’ve played” and then laughing to myself as I stepped out onto the 15th tee and realising it was even better than I just thought.

For me, Portmarnock has pretty much everything I want in a course.

The setup the day I played it was perfect. Fairways a decent width, rough that was playable and you would almost always find your ball, but with no guarantee of a good lie. If you did find the rough then it would take a really special shot to hit and hold those incredibly firm greens. For me this makes the course playable for high handicappers as well as challenging for the better players.

I also found it to be a really clever course. On holes like 8&9 there is a bit of a bailout off the tee. But if you end up in it you leave yourself a dreadful angle for your approach shot. Good, clever design.

Like others have said it is also a fair course. Only 1 blind shot and fairly flat fairways where you don’t get much in the way of bad bounces.

It was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to go back. It really is up there with the best of the best

Date: September 05, 2021

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