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Just 45 minutes south west of the bustling streets of downtown Cordoba you will find a course that takes you on a journey around the low hills that look to the scrub covered mountains beyond.

Unlike your BA courses you feel out of town, far from Suburbia. The land does not need to be manipulated so much to make the course interesting. It is inviting and accommodating for all standards of player. Potrerillo De Larreta Golf Course - Photo by reviewer There are some very pretty holes and you don't find reward unless you play well.

However, after the Mackenzie education the day before, the green complexes seemed a little naive and simple. Almost too orthodox. Perhaps a less conservative approach would be more interesting? I am fast becoming a fan of the unconventional.

The epic scenery and the routing is the one of the best parts of the experience, the golf course is very relaxed. You are never under serious pressure here if you don't want to be. There is always a sense that you will survive the hole in front of you if you want to. You always have a choice.

If this course wants to stay as highly ranked as it is in the top 10 of Argentina, particularly with the new courses on the way, I think there needs to be some changes.

Never the less I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and ambience of the place and if you are in Cordoba area it is a must play. A good score here is well earned.

The bones are there however. It is a jewel waiting to be burnished.

JCB LAY instagram: the_barefoot_golfer

Date: December 06, 2018

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