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I need to start with a confession. This review should be a 6. Having reconsidered my rationale, I struggle to see why I have marked it down at all. The clubhouse was lovely, staff welcoming, price reasonable, course excellent, basically everything you could ask for.

Why mark it down then? Its nothing more than a nagging feeling that it was set-up for tourist golf. Hypocritical coming from a tourist,I know, but it just played a couple of shots too easy. I played it well, and shot under my handicap (unusual for any first time course) - however we had other good scores in our group from some pretty average golf.

However that shouldn't be a criticism, it was a great course in great condition, and I did notice the competition tees were frightening, I mean genuinely terrifying to imagine playing off them. I also imagine that its set-up is entirely deliberate for tourist season and I can well imagine that had it been set-up harder it would have been a less enjoyable experience for some of our group.

As it happened though, all 6 in our group agreed it was brilliant, and you cant get more of an endorsement than everyone having an enjoyable round.

Date: September 15, 2020

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