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Anyone going to Pyle & Kenfig should opt to play the inner half of holes -- twice. The front nine is totally pedestrian in nature and devoid of anything that speaks to architectural merit. When one goes from the front to the back it's literally like the scene in Wizard of Oz when you're transported from the black and white images of Kansas and then you see the grandeur and color that is Oz.

The inner half of holes takes advantage of dunes land nearest to the ocean and really jettisons aside the yawns from the opening side.

I have to shake my head when anyone thinks of linking P&K to the stature of its next-door neighbor -- Royal Porthcawl. Truly there's nothing to connect the two besides being located near to one another.

It's also important to point out -- that unlike another Welsh course -- Aberdovey -- that I viewed as being heavily tilted to one 9-hole side -- at P&K the holes on its inward half are not consistently top tier. There are roughly six -- maybe seven tops -- that really stand out for attention.

One can only wonder if P&K had both nines on the side of the dunes land what the outcome would have been. A pity.

by M. James Ward

Date: February 20, 2018

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