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So what a disappointment. I have now been to PandK twice and both times have left incredibly frustrated. I am now able to say that I have played the course although it hasn't been easy. I should say, as objectively as I can, that the layout is one of two halves. The first 11 holes and the last two are ok - but nothing more. However, the stretch from 12-16 is jaw droppingly sensational, out of this world, and would comfortably sit alongside any other selection of 'through the dunes' links holes anywhere in the world. In terms of the golf course and nothing more I would recommend the course on the merit of these 5 holes alone. However, my sense of abject disappointment remains. Why? Here's the reasoning: the first time I went to pandk was May 11. I arrived at about 0830 and was set out from the 10th soon after. I had the glorious back 9 seemingly to myself and revelled in it. Unfortunately my return to the 1st less than 1:30 later coincided with the start of a lady members event. With 4x 4balls still to go out and 2 groups on the 1st already, it was made particularly clear to me that I would not be let on, and would subsequently not be invited through. Regrettably I therefore had to walk in but at least the professional had the kindness to apologise and refund 50% of my green fee. I assumed that this course of events must be an anomaly and so returned, full of excitement at the prospect of playing the WHOLE course last Monday. When I called ahead to check my booking I made sure that I specifically asked if there were any members events on. I was reassured by the pro that the course was looking quiet - I'd have no issues what-so-ever. Fantastic!Starting this time at the 1st I was soon let through a four ball and was thoroughly enjoying myself and scoring well, that is until I finished the 8th. From the 9th to the 12th I was stuck behind the most ignorant idjits I have ever had the misfortune of seeing on a golf course. Having spent 1:10 playing the first 8 holes I became so frustrated at having to wait up to 20 mins to play each shot that I walked in. It took a further 1:15 to play 9-13! Barking!!After a long lunch and a read of the papers in the very friendly clubhouse I walked back to the car park and bumped into the offending 3-ball as they came in. I asked one of them if they were members - they were - and why they hadn't let me through? The answer was that they were playing in a club Christmas Texas Scramble competition. I suggested that they could still have let me through but all I got was a slightly vacant look and, in the spirit of fairness, an apology. My sense of disappointment was compounded by the fact that I had specifically asked the pro if there were any events on. His answer had been a categoric 'No'. This in itself is a simple mistake to make, what really annoyed me was the fact that I couldn't actually play the proper course - and wasn't told before I left home 60 miles away. Had I known that the club close the beautiful 5 holes I described earlier then I would have gone elsewhere anyway. But I wasn't. It was only after I had paid my green fee that the pro explained that I would be playing the 'loop' of 5 temporary holes (12-16). So, I will not go back to pandk. I have spent too much hard earned cash on two really disappointing experiences. My recommendation to you is to also avoid it. Go to Southerndown, or better yet Porthcawl. Both are less than 10 mins away and both are far superior venues. Porthcawl in particular is magestic in every regard.

Date: December 20, 2012

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