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In 2014 I posted the first Top 100 Player Review for Top 100 after a 6 days Fam Trip with other gellow TTOOs. It was then when the course had just opened a few days before and it was literally "brand new" with no divots on fairways, no pitch marks on greens, all carts with almost no use, club house just "learning" and a little bit influenced as I played great that day.

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3 years later I led a 40 golfers group and it was my decision to end the trip playing 2 rounds at Quivira. In December 2014 it was a calm day with almost no wind and very nice temperature while this April it was extremely windy (in the 160yds par 3 6th I hit a great stinger with the 4 iron to reach the green) and I have to say course had got enough maturity and play.

As the group had handicaps going from 1 to 30, I decided to play middle tees and try to make it enjoyable. It was a wise decision as from a further tee it would have been a real nightmare. We played 4 previous rounds and the higher team and individual scores were registered at Quivira although we played "easier" tees, that much is how the wind was blowing as in the lower parts of Los Cabos (Palmilla, Cabo del Sol and Puerto Los Cabos) wind was not that strong. And it was even cold! We used sweaters in both days while for example at Palmilla it was around 30°C.

Quivira Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

My game was not as good this time but not bad, but I have to put this apart to describe my renewed sensations at Quivira. It was great to play it twice on consecutive days, it is a sort of rematch with all the mistakes you make the first round. People were extremely happy with the decision of replaying the course.

My first refreshed opinion about Driving Range is it is one of the best I have used. Not only comfortable and well designed, but even nice to watch. The same goes for the putting green, with sort of wild wast bunker sorrounding it in the same feel as Diamante Dunes. And you have the breakfast comfort station to enjoy a drink, coffee and a small bite before the round.

Club House is a typical tropical building with straw in the ceiling and open spaces, decorated with very good test and as we had all inclusive from the Hotel a great place to lunch!

Directly from the Club House you are sent to the tee by the starter which is a 300mts drive from the carts area. And it is not the only long drive in beteween holes, being the longest from 4th to 5th which is at least 1500mts uphill to the spectacular first comfort station where you will have tequila (the waiter complained all argentines asked for Diet Coke instead of alcohol!) and something fresh to eat.

Quivira Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

The second one is at tee 9th and hot food (mini burgers and wraps) waits for you ready when you arrive. Third comfort station is just a small refuel before getting to play the final 3 holes. All in one it is not only a golf round, it is a food and beverage experience!

About the course, the 4 opening holes in the wind will play as the easier ones and where you should get some good notes before you get to the high part of the course.

In 2014 I drove 5th and made birdie, this time it was 2 bogeys as the hole was playing into a very strong wind. Same for 6th, it seemed easy in 2014 and this time it was a killer. Even 7-8 into the wind played extremely tough from the middle tees, hitting 5 iron in both ones to the green.

Par 5 10th which we reached in two in 2014 was a long 3 shot one this time (put me 2 bogeys!) while for example 11th downwind was a lot easier this time. 12th was reachable in 2, but as wind was across in the second shot, it was not easy. But short par 3 13th (128yds) which played easy in 2014 this time was huge downwind with almost no chance of holding the ball. I hit both times 58° and ball rolled twice to the end of the green and I saw many balls flying the green to the rocks or even the water.

Quivira Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

My only weak comment here goes for 14th (a 235yds par 4, stroke index 2!) where there is nothing you can guess from the tee although you can go the safe way to the left and then hit a 60yds shot. No single digit golfer able to carry 210yds will want to lay up but the real fact is you cannot guess where pin is or where the ball lands. There is space to change this, I love short drivable par 4s and fee this one needs to be improved.

After nice and typical links golf par 5 15th you go down and around the mountain to 18th green which is just 30mts short of the beach.

Do I have the same love for it than I had in 2014? Yes, even more. The place is one of the nicest I have visited. Has the Course Operation managed to match the level of what people expect? Yes, definitely.

How good is the thing about comfort stations? PERFECT. Due to long rides from green to next tee and slow play due to toughness it is a 5h30min round but it is still enjoyable, where food and beverage is necessary and a Beverage Cart would drive crazy and for miles here.

If you travel willing to play the best courses in the world, this is one you have to play for sure. Just be aware of wind and don't play tougher set of tees unecessarily. This is not a place where you have to seek for a championship round of golf (I would have to play middle tees in any course in the UK), just enjoy the views, have some drinks and food, get some birdies and get a big smile at the end of the round.

Date: August 08, 2017

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