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Played Ranfurly Castle on an afternoon after playing at Pollok in the morning and it turned out to be everything Pollok wasn’t, namely interesting, challenging and engaging. I suppose that I shouldn’t have been surprised after recently playing at near neighbours Old Ranfurly, which I enjoyed and Kilmacolm, which is a personal favourite of mine. If I Ranfurly Castle Golf Course - Photo by reviewerfound Pollok to be bland Ranfurly Castle kept you on your toes throughout with two tough par 4’s to start and finish and a plethora of many a challenge in-between. I must mention the par 3’s which are very good (play the 5th from the medals if you are allowed as it makes it a far more interesting proposition). The other recent reviews have mentioned the condition of the course and it cant be understated how good it was, bathed in the Renfrewshire sunshine, it was a true delight. As touched on in the other reviews comparisons with Kilmacolm are almost inevitable and although the recent reviews seem to favour Ranfurly Castle my preference is for Kilmacolm due to years of playing there in open competitions however, I am hoping that this won’t be my last visit to Ranfurly Castle and who knows? my opinion may change. MCMC

Date: July 11, 2014

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