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Now I like a walk but there is a little too much perambulation about The Remedy Oak Course. Between tees and Greens you will have plenty of time to talk. Perhaps complain about the impossible heat of this epic summer? Or the freakish bounce on the Indian cricket pitch fairways parched of water?

This country is incapable of dealing with extremes. If it is too hot the trains won’t run, If it’s too cold the roads will clog with Snow for days. Most people in winter I see, are incapable of dressing themselves below 5 degrees C. Unless they go skiing, then, they seem to be just fine. If I were to golf in any other Country in these temperatures, I would be walking down lush Green fairways, lavished morning and night with lake loads of water. I’m pretty sure this American style layout should not be golden brown? Purposefully parsimonious with the water or did we just let the last winter’s endless rain slip into the English Channel? Well, I am sure in years to come it isn’t going to get hotter. Is it?

Is it really a wonder then that our committee, general consensus, democratic paralysis of a government is failing to ameliorate the dichotomous and schizophrenic fiasco that is the Brexit we won’t be getting? Instead we will get a middle way that nobody wants. Again. AS we have done forever, neither in properly, or properly out. Compromised again. Sigh…..

The beauty of Remedy Oak is it is owned not by the members but by a self-made entrepreneur. So if he decides to do something about the course. It will happen. And it will be decisive.

Anyway, each hole has its own setting. Carved out of a mature Pine forest it feels Canadian or low alpine. However for me, depiste the wonderful short par 4’s and the decent par 3’s the course was incredibly disappointing. Especially the par 5’s which are all awful. This is NOT a top 100 design for me. It is naive in concept. Although the land is magnificent for Golf, the routing and execution miss the mark. Too much of the design seems arbitrary and contrived, or simply mundane. Dropped upon the landscape without much attention to the land it has been dropped on. Perhaps the architects plan was accidently executed by the construction team accidentally turned 90 degrees?

There are awkward Kinks on the second, in the wrong place and it feels claustrophobic. The field tee shots on 10,15,17 and 18. The retarded opportunity on the tee shots of 5,7 and 16. I didn’t like the lumpy bunkering and poor aesthetics going into greens. The Edinburgh at Wentworth is a much better Jacobs course. I’d rather play East Sussex National or St Mellion currently.

However in amongst the 9 or so poorly executed holes are some genuine keepers, is 1 the best hole on the course? The downhill fourth is also attractive. The eighth is a classy hole, if you Can blast the ball.

Remedy Oak is like eating a box of quality street. Blindfolded.


Date: July 14, 2018

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