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Reykjavik Golf Club was founded in 1934 but the Grafarholt course only opened for play in 1963 and was designed by a Swede, Niels Skjold. Presumably the club moved to its present location in the early 1960s but we’re not entirely sure what happened. If you can throw any light on the subject, please let us know.

Reykjavik is the oldest golf club in Iceland and it's located some 10km east of Reykjavik. The 18-hole Grafarholt course measures a respectable 6,522 yards and this is currently the premier course in the country. But because it lies 100 metres above sea level, the greens take a pounding from the inhospitable Arctic elements, so members of the Reykjavik Golf Club often have to wait until late summer to find the course at its best.

Views from the Grafarholt are spectacular and in clear weather the Snaefellsjokull glacier, 200km to the north, can be seen. Grafarholt has hosted many championships including the Scandinavian Senior Open. The clubhouse was renovated in 2004 and it is one of the best 19th holes in Iceland.

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Description: Although Reykjavik Golf Club was founded in 1934, the Grafarholt course opened for play in 1963 and a Swede, Niels Skjold, designed it. Rating: 4.5 out of 6 Reviews: 2

The course has been in great condition this summer.Despite the dry weather (not a drop of rain in 4 weeks in july) the greens were really good except for the par 3 6th.I don't like the 5th,9th and 13th but I suppose that's just me not liking upphill shots to greens...Always fun to play,but from the whites ONLY!!!Cédric
5 / 6
Reykjavik (Grafarholt)
July 25, 2007

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Being a member of this club,I am happy to be the first reviewer...As for the bit of history that the introduction is mentioning,I can tell that the club was founded in december 1934. Until 1950 or so, members played in the actual center of Reykjavik. First in Laugardalur,where the national football stadium stands nowadays and then where "the pearl" is (everybody who ever visited Iceland will know what I mean). But construction had to begin as the town began to grow and the club was moved outside of town,10 km to be more exact. At the time it was out of town but it isn't anymore,those 10km being just a city now. The actual course opened for play in 1963 and has been under constant remodeling since then. The course now: Greens have unfortunately been pretty deceiving in the last years. But it is a fun course to play. Not anywhere near close to Britain's best courses but definitely fun to play. Some nice views and challenging holes. I hope to see more of Iceland on this website but I am afraid Grafarholt wouldn't be my number 1. I would give it a 3.5 because it is better than average but not "good".
4 / 6
Reykjavik (Grafarholt)
July 24, 2006

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January 05, 2007
Wanted to change my review a little...Now I have read most reviews on this website on courses that I have played and I need to reconsider the mark I gave to my home club!It is more like a 4,5...But only if played from the back tees!!!!