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I was never excited to see Riviera on TV. Then I played it. Now I watch every shot every year. Surprisingly I get sick every year on a Thurs/Fri in February. Who knew that was a thing?

To start your day, the Starter announces you on the first tee regardless of whether there is anybody more than your foursome around. Heart rate accelerates. Don't top it into the hill. While every par 3 is fantastic, as expected the 6th hole is all world. I have had the pleasure of having to putt around the bunker (I wasn't allowed to chip while on the green). I had the pleasure of letting Johnny Mathis play through on the same hole (my mother was giddy about that). He said it was the best golf shot he ever hit. I am one of 6 people who got to see that.

Yes, the 10th is all world. 11 through 15 can eat your lunch. 18 is tougher than it looks. At the end of the day you will have loved the experience regardless of the price tag. When you die nobody will remember what you paid to play it.

It is one of the three greatest golf experiences I have had in my golfing life.

Date: November 18, 2020

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