Rømø - Denmark

Rømø Golf Klub,
Vestergade 31,
Havneby DK,
6792 Rømø,

  • +45 24 25 39 01

  • Golf Club Website

  • On the southern tip of the island of Rømø

  • Welcome – contact in advance

  • Jens Jørgen Schmidt

  • Michael Traasdahl Møller

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Rømø Golf Klub was nominated by Mogens in June 2008 and was soon after added to the website as a GEM. The following comments are courtesy of Mogens:

"Romo Golf Links is one of the masterpieces by the Danish architect Michael Traasdahl Møller and is the first links course in Denmark with championship credentials. The course is part of an ambitious holiday resort including a big wellness centre and is built on flat land.

It’s a true links course and is located close to the sea, however you cannot see the water as there is a dike protecting the land because the course is close to sea level. The only time you get the opportunity to see the sea is from a hill, which is used as tee for the 6th and 14th hole. Here you really find out how close you are to the coast and you get an impression of the kind of birdlife there is on this island.

On the majority of holes water is in play in the shape of either small lakes – many of them right in front of the greens – and streams running both along and across the fairways. The greens are in good condition, and have big undulations. Rømø Golf Links is a pleasure to play and a great challenge!"
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Description: Rømø Golf Links was laid out on reclaimed land on the shores of the Wadden Sea by architect Michael Traasdahl Møller and is an authentic links course. Rating: 4 out of 6 Reviews: 2

The Rømø course is a very fine course in many ways, the greens are by all means great, they have a nice speed to them and are incredibly smooth. The fairways are not the widest you'll find but they roll really well and you can at all times hit a decent shot of off it. You can find deeper rough in Denmark but there is thinner rough too, and so it's somewhere in the middle and all you'll ever need for a small danish golf club. You'll find that there is an incredibly large amount of water on the course, as a matter of fact it's hard to come by a hole that does not have a body of water near it, this makes the course a lot more difficult as every tee shot has to be carefully thought out if you're to avoid the water hazards.

4 / 6
October 09, 2016

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Currently the course at Rømø is in a very uncertain position. As part of the credit crunch the course went bankrupt in the autum of 2008. It is among the best courses that I have ever played on in Denmark, but will I ever play it again??
4 / 6
February 11, 2009

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