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Sandy Hills is undoubtedly a superb golf course. Weaving it's way through the dunes it offers wonderful views out to sea and across the excellent old course at Rosapenna. The changes in direction and elevation test your club selection on every hole making this a truly mammoth challenge even in calm conditions. There are many wonderful holes to pick out with most enjoying the isolation of their own little valley through the dunes. My only criticism would be that the greens are absolutely rock hard. That's what you would expect from a links course but as this is not a natural old links there is no option to run the ball into the greens. The result is many approaches to greens require you to carry the ball over bunkers, mostly to elevated greens with run-offs and when the greens are so hard it offers very little help to the golfer. A little more thought to this design aspect would have made it all the more enjoyable for its many visitors.

Date: May 30, 2006

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