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The West Course is great fun. It’s challenging and tactical from start to finish and if it’s windy you’ll need a combination of luck and skill to navigate your way around this fine example of nature and golf combined. When playing here you actually feel like you’re out for a really nice walk and you have the luxury of a golf course to play while you’re here. It really is one of the truest examples of using the land in front of you to create a golf course, whilst making it first class. The best bit of advice I can give to anyone playing here is don’t hit driver! You can use it on one or two holes but it’s really not necessary. This is the type of place I can picture many older generation golfers with a pencil bag and a half-set plotting their way round and breaking par, vs the modern day golfer with the 9 degree driver and 60 degree lob wedge barely breaking 100! Definitely a course for the purist and one to enjoy for what it is. They certainly don’t make them like this anymore!

Date: July 04, 2020

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