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For a special day myself and a friend played Royal Birkdale today for his 50th Birthday treat, and what a treat. I played shocking and found most of the bunkers on the course which just swallow a rolling ball that dares to pass within a yard or two of them, so I could go on about the course being rubbish or bad because believe me I was. But it is stunning and I appreciated every bit of it and you are able to put yourself in the shoes of the greats as you follow it round, particularly with the recent Seniors Open still fresh in mind. This course is a must do from the hospitality to the perfection of the track itself. I will go back when I'm feeling on top of my game and my self esteem has returned, but beware it is very very tough, Having played some of the others on the Open rotation this is the tester.

Date: September 24, 2013

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