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Have played Birkdale twice now as a members guest and it goes down as my favourite course, just edging out it's neighbour Hillside. Had played hillside first, didn't think i could enjoy birkdale as much, but i did. Hillside is prettier, but birkdale knits together better and is more consistent, would probably have 9 holes from each if i could make a composite course, but birkdale has a slight edge. Best hole for me is the 9th, although the famous 12th is also very good, as are 2,6,8 and 11. Would agree with a coulpe of other reviews that the end is a little disappointing. You come back to the clubhouse after 14 and the last 4 are in a loop, that i feel are not quite as good as the rest. Hitting up to that iconic clubhouse is a real thrill though. This is a great golfing experience.

Date: May 10, 2010

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