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I played a match at Eltham golf club where Royal Blackheath ended up playing some 90 years ago. The club house is really wonderful, a paldian mansion, and to go with it is some truly great hospitality from the members. In fact several of the members say that the club is more a drinking club than a golf club and that definitely proved to be true. They have a pretty full and well connected fixture list to prove they are a popular club to visit and for their history they are really worth a visit. All this is needed because this is one very poor golf course, they should start by sacking their green keeper, as it is a poor golf course kept very poorly. Fairways were uncut, newly renovated bunkers had grass growing through the sand, the greens were a complete mess, no bare patches had been re-turfed or seeded etc etc. As a test of golf it is a really poor design, up and down bland parkland golf crammed into a small area. I think the 17th is the only hole that provides an interesting test of golf. Beyond that there is a mess of random tree planting, some times in the middle of fairways!, none of which is indigenous. Even with such a limited canvas to work on there seems to have been no co-ordinated effort to make the best of what they do have. They need to get a course designer in and think long term. As you have to mark this on the golf course it gets a very poor mark, however my name will be first on the list for next years match because of that wonderful hospitality.

Date: April 16, 2007

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