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A 2 and a half hour trip took us to Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club where we had quite an eventful day in their Junior Open. It was raining cats and dogs and thunder & lightning was lurking. When standing on the 5th tee we even saw typhoons swirling by the sea! I think its safe to say that the weather was not so good. Our group managed to get to the 6th tee before the horn went off and we had to turn around. After a lot of waiting around, the tournament was then cancelled. However, we refused to head back home and were desperate to finish our round, so we wrapped up and went back out, this time hoping to play all 18 holes! Thankfully we finished our round and the weather actually cleared up after about 6 holes.

The course is magnificent buf i feel like it starts you off a bit slow with holes 1 and 2 being fairly bland and straight forward. However when you get to the 3rd hole the course really livens up. This is a great par 5 with an awesome green and a very undulating fairway, definitely one of my favourite holes. This is then followed by a fantastic par 3 measuring 160 yards or so, and the view of the 3rd green from the 4th tee is magnificent. The 7th, 8th and 9th are 3 fantastic holes to end the back nine. The 7th is a 380 yard par 4 with many fairway bunkers making it important to hit a straight drive. The 8th is a small par 3 again with lots of bunkers surrounding the green, a very tough up and down if you don’t hit the green. The 9th is a 400 yard par 4 with deep bunkers around the green yet again!

Unfortunately, it becomes a lot harder on the back nine with multiple 400+ yard par 4s and a 220 yard par 3. Some of my favourites would be the 10th, which has an enormous drop off at the front left of the green as well as a big fairway bunker about 260 yards off the tee. 12 is also a great par 4, measuring about 430 yards and can sometimes play 500 yards if the wind is straight into your face which it often is! Thankfully it wasn’t for us, yet i still had to hit a good drive and a 4 iron to get there. A very hard hole, but you can use the slopes to your advantage on the green as there is a big slope on the left hand side which will funnel your ball back towards the hole. The 16th is an awesome par 5 with lots of bunkers and a split fairway when you get further up towards the green. Again this green has a huge amount of slope on it which can help you get very creative. 18 is a great finishing hole with a beautiful looking tee shot and your aiming point being just left of the big flag by the clubhouse. You hit your 2nd shot into a raised green so it is important to take enough club and get it up there.

Overall I thought that it was a great golf course and a really tough test of golf. The course looked amazing and you were able to get extremely inventive with your shots with the huge undulations in the greens making it a lot more fun. Definitely a great experience and a course i would love to play again.

Date: August 13, 2019

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