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We played Royal Cinque Ports on a cold dark September evening. I mention this as it has some relevance.

Conscious of incoming darkness, we arrived early for our tee time and enquired with the pro shop if we could get off early, which he kindly found a slot for as long as we could tee off immediately. Without such accommodation, I doubt sincerely we would have made it round. Excellent and sensible welcoming approach.

The course itself is superb, I would describe it as one of the last traditional links clubs, with a basic club house and a course which feels entirely natural, and the type of course that simply wouldn't be built nowadays.

The contours and rolling fairways leave plenty of room for invention, and my one regret is that whilst rushing around, we didn't have time to fully enjoy some of the iconic greens, the 3rd in particular, and one which escapes my memory on the back 9, which I'm sure had multiple ways to get to the hole had we had time to experiment.

As a group, there was some dissent, some found it a tad featureless, and I do have some sympathy for this view, its a natural, rather than landscaped, course, and as a result its devoid of spectacle, but as a golfing test it was fair, high standard, and thoroughly enjoyable.

A final word is for the price, which is what marks it down, I think it is unfortunately overpriced for the facilities provided, and for the style of course, which is, lets face it, low-maintenance, as well kept as it is.

All in all, if all you are interested in is the quality of course, its right up there with the best.

Date: September 15, 2020

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