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Royal Cinque Ports, or Deal, is a cracking test of golf. Unfortunately it happens to be placed next to Royal St George's and therefore may be in it's shadow, however for those in the know it is up their with the best. I played there on the 30th March and the course was in the best condition I had played so far that year (until I played at Sandwich the day after…). However the course itself is a true gem. 21st in the Rankings I think is fair as some holes I feel do let it down, especially the opening two holes. However from then on there are also some of the best holes you could find anywhere, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 17th, 18th. In fact the homeward stretch from 12 onwards was as tough as you will find (personally harder than at Carnoustie for me!). Unfortunately off the course things weren't quite as rosy… The professional was incredibly helpful, but the atmosphere in the clubhouse was icy. However maybe the storm-like weather had dampened people's spirits. Nevertheless, well worth a visit as it is an excellent course! But I have done it so I don't think I will be back to soon…

Date: April 02, 2010

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