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I had been excited about playing Dornoch for about 12 years, since my father played it and nearly left the family to stay up there and become a member. Finally managed to get up there in April this year and was overwhelmed with quite how brilliant it was. I’m always nervy playing courses for the first time that have been given such brilliant reviews, and in the back of my mind I feel that they cannot possibly be as good as reviewer after reviewer claim they are.

Dornoch is every bit as good. The first is a lovely start, the relative width of the fairway diminished somewhat by the presence of the members peering out from the dining room and the Royal Hotel being within striking distance. From the second onwards, it is magnificent. Like reading a great book (or watching a great box-set if that’s your thing), you cannot wait to turn the page and immerse yourself in the next chapter. Dornoch really is a brilliant place and a brilliant golf course. It is remote, and that adds to its charm. It is also about as natural as a golf course gets.

It goes straight into my top 5, and is definitely threating my top spot (currently Turnberry). In summary, it is a course that everyone who loves golf simply has to play.

Date: April 20, 2016

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