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Having read a number of mixed reviews on this course with many people claiming it to be a little overrated, i still remained extremly excited to be playing here, and i wasnt dissapointed. This place is fantastic, i was lucky enough to play the course the same way round as the Pros will when the Open arrives in July, and i also got to play the 18th with the grandstand built around it. I admit that its a very flat course, and the holes that surround the practice area, maybe lack some inspiration, but the remained of the course can only be described as world class. The key to this course is the bunker placement, on almost every hole (off the yellows) you have to make a decision - lay up and have a longer approach, or take the bunkers on with a driver. These bunkers are also essential in the shape of the course, seemlessly 'framing' each of the holes. The par 3s are all very good, and also all very different, each on a different angle to the sea meaning that if their is a consistent wind, you will be required to hit different shots at all 4 of these holes. In terms of rankings, this is the highest I have played, with Saunton (East) my favourite course. Royal Liverpool (whilst different) in my opinion is better than Saunton (East), which coming from me is saying something

Date: April 07, 2014

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