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I recently played Royal Liverpool using the Open configuration (starting on 17) in April in a 3-4 club wind. The terrain may be mostly flat and as others have said, it’s not the most beautiful of courses, but the challenge is not punished by this.

Well positioned bunkering, firm fairways and greens all force you to think about every shot & in any form of wind can make just making the green a challenging task. Lots of tightly cut run offs allow you to putt from off the green making some incredibly tough chips slightly more manageable.

The one area I was slightly disappointed in was the lack of a short game area to practice chipping before my round, but in the background a brand new complex was being built ready for the 2023 Open which will greatly improve the facilities.

Overall Royal Liverpool is a very good course and one I’d play again. A fair links course where you can see the courses contours and have to use them to your advantage if you want to get around resembling good golf.

Date: April 21, 2022

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