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The course without doubt is a very special place. The clubhouse has some great touches throughout, namely all the Tiger handouts. When you get there its hard to believe the place has hosted a modern Open as its a relatively small place. I do understand all the reviews where people have been slightly let down with the course. Before playing it one guy said he hated the course because it was just a 'ploughed field' but I completely disagree with this. It, to me, is a course that hasn't been changed a great deal from when it was first designed, much like Royal North Devon. The greens are small, contoured and fast. The fairways are tight with out of bounds on most (each side!) and the tee boxes are flat and in great nick. In general the condition was excellent, especially for April. My main criticism is the overall length of the course. I feel that this is a huge problem with all the Open courses. When we played the course it was roughly a 1000 yards shorter than when Woods and co played it. The main issue is that most of the bunkers on the fairway are out of play and the ones around the green are hard to hit as you are hitting mostly short irons. I phoned a couple of Open venues and all had shortened the course by at least 800 yards. I understand that they have to maintain their standards but when your playing the massive green fees then you expect to play the full course. Overall though the course was a massive inspiration to me and relit my passion for the game, just wish I could afford to play the other Royals in the area!

Date: October 05, 2009

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