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This most private of Montreal area golf clubs dates back to 1873 and as such it is the oldest club in North America. However, it has only been playing golf at this site since the 1950's after at least 2 moves. I was honored to join a very generous member some years back and hesitate to offer an honest opinion, because of the pride that might be hurt. Like many private clubs various sartorial traditions must be observed, such on the sweltering hot day that I arrived for my exciting round, I was wearing shorts and ankle high socks. The look of disgust from my host was eviscerating as I ran to the first tee. I had to head to the cashless, cardless, member number only club house, and purchase on my host's account a pair of knee length socks to cover my otherwise inoffensive shins. I played horribly, of course, as I tend to do half the time, but was mostly struck by the overall boring nature of the course. It wasn't the awesome spectacle of perfection that I had anticipated. It wasn't until the 15th hole that I saw something unique and beautiful. So, in fact, it's an extraordinary 3 hole course with a series of unimaginative holes leading up to it. I'd give it a B. But I'd play there again if only to show them that I still have those knee high socks.

Date: August 21, 2011

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