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Royal Porthcawl is presented as the best of Wales….and it is. Our groups only miss was not realizing the attraction to Porthcawl as a place to stay as well. RP delivers everything you expect. Great conditioning in all aspects of turf/greens/bunkers. Quite challenging bunkers with fairly deep faces at both fairway and greenside. A few bunkers which are at the sides of crowned greens could use a tad more depth to the sand. The one par 5 up the hill is a miss. But it seems it is being replaced. With the prevailng wind the clubhouse is in play on 18 as much as any I have ever played. Our one mate put a dent in the roof…Ha. In many respects this is an underrated course. It seems the membership is motivated to bring some changes and it will be interesting to see them take place. As Wales goes this is an expensive round…As world ranked great links courses goes…It’s a bargain. Why haven’t you played here yet..? Getyourbutttherenow. Ha

Date: October 09, 2015

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