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Royal Porthcawl had been near the top of my 'must play' list for a long time so expectations were high and the course did not disappoint. The club has excellent practice facilities and it's worth turning up a bit early to take advantage of these as you'll need to be on song from the get go. The wind was strong enough to make it pretty difficult and the rough was long which made it quite easy to lose a ball if you're a little offline.

It's pretty much excellent holes all the way round, the first 3 along the coastline being a highlight and you might have quite an audience from the coastal path just to the left of the fairways and right up to the side of the second green. The course turns inland and goes uphill for 3 holes with the sea visible at all times. The stretch from 14-16 was as good a 3 hole stretch as I can remember playing anywhere and the only few holes that I cared for less visually were 8, 10 and 13 (easy to play to the wrong green I imagine) but these are still good golf holes.

I've read some people saying the 18th is a weak finish but directly into a decent wind as we played it, it was very difficult. The tee shot at 18 is very exciting as you're hitting over a slight ridge in the fairway and it looks like you're hitting into the sea.

The recent work done on the course as detailed in the description looked fantastic, like it had always been there, and a look at the photos and fly overs on the clubs website will show you how much the course has changed for the better.

Porthcawl was a great day of golf and well worth a long journey to play.

Date: August 30, 2020

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