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Is there a better place to play than Royal Porthcawl - when the wind is calm and the sun shines at least?!

Magnificent par 3s provide a variety of shots (different clubs, different directions). The shifting direction of the course hole to hole means you have a fresh challenge each hole, unlike an out-and-in course. (I see this as a positive.)

I am a member so certainly biased, but I regularly take friends to play and often hear "this is now my favourite course". I always tell them, regardless of handicap if you are +2 after 3 with the prevailing wind, you are doing really well!

It isn't just the course of course. The clubhouse is fantastic, and in the summer the benches overlooking Rest Bay are a treat.

Finally, I tell friends that the practice area is "my happy place". I always look forward to days at Porthcawl.

Date: September 28, 2021

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