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Royal Porthcawl is a MUST PLAY golf course. I am fully in love with the place. In my humble opinion this is the second best course in the UK (of those which I have played…57 of the top 100 in this list). It is magical. Just sitting here writing this makes me homesick for the place! I have only played there 3 times but I would pay double the 90 odd quid a round costs…without blinking…and I’m a poor bugger! There is such a wonderful selection of golf holes and all angled differently so that the wind is never from the same place, the staff are some of the friendliest around and the club house has to be seen to be believed! If ever you are in south Wales go there and play. You must. I implore you. You will not regret your decision. In fact even if you are not going to south Wales make plans to. It is awesome!

Date: January 18, 2010

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