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A large group of us played the course recently and overall I was extremely disappointed. There is no arguing with the layout and the championship quality of the golf course but for a golf course to be truly great it has to offer more and leave a positive lasting impression. The conditioning of the course was very poor with the greens bushy and extremely untrue. We had two temporary greens with no mention of this before we tee'd off. For me I felt as though we were just another group of punters who turned up and paid good money without the club really caring. I realise they are preparing for the Irish Open but there was no excuse for the lack of communication or the overall poor state of the course. This club had better clean up its act or the championship quality of the course will be overshadowed by the poor conditioning and abysmal customer service. For reference we played the Valley course as well and the greens were even worse; with no championship to come I can't see any reason why they would be this poor. For me this is an overall reflection of the club's current status. Overall a disappointing experience. I'll go again and hopefully be swayed in a more positive direction but only when I have seen some more recent positive reviews.

Date: April 26, 2012

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