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I came to this delightful course expecting a round in the high nineties (even off 12) but I was pleasantly surprised at how playable it was. Admittedly there was little or no wind, which I suspect would make it more challenging. Instead I encountered a fair and delightful course which rewarded straight hitting and avoidance of bunkers. The greens are large and contain the usual subtle borrows you'd expect. The fairways are generous and well kept. It helps to play with someone who has been there before as there are a few blind shots. The key is avoiding the bunkers as they are monsterous and a backward play is often the only way out. I did not rip the course up but played the last five holes in level par and enjoyed a great day. The club house is steeped in the traditions you'd expect and it does not disappoint. Beautiful place and a delight to play.

Date: September 23, 2013

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