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I played Troon 5/9/17 and had a delightful round and experience. The old course at Troon is "good" but not more when compared to other top clubs and when considering you've just paid the 230 pound visitor fee. It is all relative, I am not comparing this course to your local average muni but rather judging this course on par for its caliber. I have played about 40 of the top 100 clubs on this list, all of the Open courses, and about 30 top 100 courses in the USA.

The club house is beautiful and worth spending some time in. It has been remodeled and is lovely inside. The golf shop for an elite club was disappointing regarding it's selection of merchandise to take home. The staff all around was very welcoming and helpful throughout the day.

The golf course - it is a wonderful experience anytime you get to play an Open venue course so this is a real treat to play, but no way is it worth the price of admission and you should not go out of your way to play it. There are better courses for half the price. Holes 6, 7 - 15 & 18 are the best, the rest are average or even below average for a course of this caliber.

The bunkers are fierce as one would expect, the course conditioning was very good, the greens were a bit slow. The "sand dunes" are really only prominent on holes 7-11, otherwise holes 1-6 and 12-18 are flat (flat for a links course). The golf course really isn't beautiful or interesting, there are a few spots where the course has some interesting design features and some nice views towards the water but nothing to go crazy over. For me, holes 7-11 are the course, without those Troon is a bottom 50 course in this ranking list (sorry but it is true). I had a lovely time playing Troon and a memorable experience on an Open venue but the course is a flop (when compared to its peers at the elite end of the Top 100 list and considering the price to play it).

Date: September 11, 2017

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