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This course is everything golf needs. It is accessible to the public, affordable, and playable for all skill types. The course features wide fairways which help high-handicappers keep the ball in play but requires the correct positioning in order for low-handicappers to give themselves birdie looks. Rustic Canyon also features an even shorter cut of fairway surrounding the greens which makes me uncomfortable to chip off as a scratch player but always allows for a putt or bump and run.

The twilight rate often get down near $20 which may be one of the best deals in golf. Twilight is also one of the best times to play as golden hour looks beautiful with the back nine landscape.

Memorable Holes:

1 - A Par 5 that features are a very wide fairway starts the golfer off with a good "handshake" hole to get a few swings in. A hazard cuts in front of the first green which challenges any player attempting to reach the green in 2.

2 - A risk reward par 4 that uses the property line as a hazard. A long accurate drive could find the green but any pull left might end up out-of-bounds on the road. A layup is challenged by a centerline bunker and the line-of-play could change based on the pin position each day

11 - A long par 4 that runs alongside a hazard on the left but allows the play to bail as far right as they want. However, you want to play have the correct angle and be able to spin the ball from the fairway in order to get close to the hole.

Date: July 08, 2020

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