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Sagebrush has suffered through several seasons now of non-play. It is likely due for a serious re-adjustment on where it stands among BC's golf courses.

Most in BC will know of the plight and ensuing legal issues surrounding the development. The course seemed prime to re-enter the conversation this past year as one of the best golf courses in Canada only for it to be waylaid by "construction" delays. The course was, of course, ready for play. Added to this frustration was the somewhat disappointing engagement with course staff. The course advertised to golfers that they could sign-up to receive updates on the course and be notified on any developments. Little communication was provided. Even to this day, the course website reads the same, with a shockingly limited amount of information on re-opening, as when Troon Golf took over little over a year ago.

Golfers will care little about the intention to build vacation property by the course (a zoning issue that has plagued the course from the get-go) and the attached fly-fishing opportunities. Furthermore, the course is located a hair too far from Vancouver to do in a day and far enough for vacationers staying in the Okanagan (Kamloops, Kelowna, and Shuswap area) to make the trip down when there are so many golf courses in those areas worth playing. Sagebrush reportedly now offers some accommodation on property to presumably to speak to this issue, though given the track record of the course it remains to be seen whether the accommodation feature will in fact come to fruition.

Nonetheless, Sagebrush remains a tantalizing prospect for a golfer. It is likely best done on a trip up from Vancouver to the Okanagan. An early morning wake up in Vancouver would allow you to complete 36 holes and make to Kelowna/Kamloops before darkness in the summer. What sort of condition the course will be in given the prolonged delays and previous financial issues will be a question for some golfers, but for most in BC they just look forward to the opportunity to play a course that once ranked among the best in the country.

Date: February 10, 2017

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