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SFGC is world class, of that there is no doubt. The routing on the front 9 is audacious and holds your attention in the best possible way throughout. The one-two combination of the short but devilish par 3 7th and the fantastic par 4 8th is the best two hole stretch I have played.

The back 9 doesn't have the same flair as the front although whatever is lacking in the routing is more than made up for in the bunkers and the par 3s, which are each stellar in their own ways.

SFGC is a 6 ball experience when you factor in the front 9, the bunkering and SFGC's place in the game and clubhouse but it is a slightly reluctant 6 ball for me. The back 9 just doesn't have that wow factor and when you start thinking about whether Doak was right or not in his renovations, you are concentrating on the wrong things. Overall this is a world class golf course which is a must play if you are lucky enough to get an invite just be sure to soak it all in when you are standing on the 7th tee box.

Date: May 14, 2018

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